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Outer-space Photography 

A list of Woodstock Products' fine prints

Until our generation, mankind had been dependent upon Earth-based telescopes to peer into the heavens. But satellite technology and robotic cameras have given us, for the first time in the history of mankind, the ability the have a roving eye in space, sending back clear photographs of stunning beauty.

Distant worlds reveal themselves to be geometric works of art - from the Rings of Saturn and Jupiter's Great Red Spot to the eerie, other-worldly beauty of a Martian Sunset, captured in a one-of-a-kind time-lapse photo.

These are truly unique images that for millennia have lived only in the imagination of man, since prehistoric man looked up at the heavens and tried to imagine what's out there - what would it look like to actually be there? What it would it be like to look back at the Earth, from the moon? To look back at both the Earth and the moon, on a journey to Jupiter, Saturn, and beyond? Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, we are the first generation of humans to really know what the Earth looks like! To know what the Rings of Saturn look like! To see Jovian moons in orbit around mighty Jupiter, looming large in the background!

A brief history of AstroPhotography, from Galileo to Woodstock:

Woodstock Products is proud to manufacture the highest quality full-color prints available anywhere. We simply cut no corners in the manufacturing process, sparing no expense to create fine prints that will show off these extraordinary NASA photography in as flattering, but color-true way as possible. We start by obtaining the finest possible transparencies directly from NASA - no middleman or generation loss. We then painstakingly create three large, 34" x 22" color-separated negatives true to NASA's original colors, usually requiring rejecting a set or two until the lab gets it just right. We then lithograph onto the finest paper stock, KromeKote, a heavy, glossy paper usually reserved for paperback book covers, and spray them immediately after printing with Liquid Laminate, which further brings out their beauty, seals and protects them. At every step we were advised by other companies that we could save money by using a lower grade material, or leaving off a step or two in the manufacturing process. No way!

Woodstock Products manufactures the finest large, full-color prints (high-quality lithographs) of NASA's outer-space photography available anywhere on this planet - guaranteed!

Grouped alphabetically, by celestial object:

  "Lunar Earthrise"    Your ALT-Text here
  "Earth with Moon"    Your ALT-Text here
  "Full Jupiter"    Your ALT-Text here
  "Jupiter with Io and Europa"    Your ALT-Text here
  "The Great Red Spot"    Your ALT-Text here
  "Martian Sunset"    Your ALT-Text here
Orion Nebula      
  "Orion Nebula"    Your ALT-Text here
  "Full Saturn"    Your ALT-Text here
  "The Rings of Saturn"    Your ALT-Text here

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